Why should you give interview feedback?

For both clients and candidates this is an important part of the process.


After the interview it is important to give feedback.

If you had this arranged through a recruitment consultancy you can relay directly through to your consultant or if you applied for the position directly you can provide feedback to the person who arranged the interview.

Interviews can be fast paced, you might not of answered all the questions they asked, or your mind went blank, here is another opportunity to relay any information that you might of forgotten.

This will give the employer a better idea that you have thought about the interview and how you came across, and that you have potentially thought about working with them and if you are indeed interested in the role.


You would be surprised how many company’s do not give interview feedback through the recruitment consultant or directly to the candidate.

I think people are too worried about offending or being discriminative in some other way. If the person does is not what you are looking for or has messed up on the interview, then that’s okay you can give constructive criticism. As an employer you are being kind and giving them key points to work on for their next interview, it shows that you are trying to offer advice although they are not right for your position. You know how hard interviews can be….

Finding the best candidate for role can sometimes be hard work on you with having to take time out of your working day to schedule in interviews.

So when you do find the right person you want to hire, tell them why – they are not looking for a long list just a few things that they will remember … This will have such a positive impact, they will have just been offered the job and have been told why they are good enough for that company.

It’s a great way to start a company and will definitely help build a great working relationship.

Providing feedback is both positive for the client as well as the candidate and improves future interview processes.

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