The Recruitment Process.

The recruitment process will vary depending on which company you are interviewing with and their interview structure.

Sometimes roles can be filled with a quick turnaround but sometimes due to meetings, time restrictions at work and holidays it can be tricky and take a little longer, but worth the wait.

Here is a step by step process of how things are normally run thorough 360-recruitment.

Step 1

You apply for a job, you submit your CV either directly with us or through a job search website.

Before you do you should make sure your CV is up to date with the correct contact details, you would be surprised how many misspell their email address or miss out a digit on their mobile, easy mistakes to make but it could prevent us from contacting you.

After we have received your CV, we review it and make sure you match the skill set, we then give you a call to talk through the role with you. We make sure your happy with the salary, location and what the job entails. If this is all okay with you we then forward it on to the company. It can take up to a few days to hear back from the company. We do normally have sole resourcing on most roles which is a great advantage to our candidates.

However, if the role you have applied for is not the one for you we can go through other recruitment options with you to find you something that would be a better fit.

Step 2

Arranging the interview, we will get a rough idea of what availability you have for the forth coming week and go to the client to get their availability. We always try and get a time and date that suits both parties. If we are unable to find a suitable time during office hours, we look to see what options we have before or after work.

Once the interview is arranged, we send out a confirmation email of the date and time. Do not forget to do your homework on the company and prepare for the interview as best you can, we would always suggest a meeting or a phone call with us to go over any questions you might have or any additional information you might need. We like to give you a good start before the interview so you feel as confident as you can be about the role and what to expect.

Step 3

Second Interview, so you have impressed them, they like you and you like them. This is a great start. This stage can be different with each employer, it could be another formal interview where you meet another Manager or Director, or it could be more informal such as where you see the working environment and meet the team.

You might find the second interview is less intimidating than the first interview, as you have already been to the company and have a better idea about the role and what to expect.  

The second interview is just a continuation from the first interview. The company will just want to make sure that you would fit in with their company and that you the right person for the role. Its still best to act as professional as you did on the first interview and it’s a good chance to ask any questions you didn’t cover off before or had thought about after the first meeting.

Sometimes companies do not have a second stage interview, they just offer you the job either on the spot or through the recruitment consultant.

Step 4

Congratulations you are offered the job!

If your happy with the offer you can verbally accept and the company will write up formal offer letter which would out line your job title, salary, location and start date. Once you have received this you can hand in your letter of resignation and begin to work your notice period.

If you are unsuccessful it might just have been that you where not the right fit for the company or the company was not right for you, we would absolutely help you find the job or the next step you need. People’s circumstances change all the time and lots of different jobs are out there full and part time, so what ever you are looking for we can definitely help.

We specialise in what we do, we know our companies really well and have worked with them for many years and have a great knowledge of the finance industry.

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