Things that make people quit their job

Underpaid, Overworked, Not appreciated?

These are usually top of the list, but most of these can be avoided.

You want to work for a company who wants you to do well, will push you that bit further in your career, to invest in you, and vica versa, a company wants to hire a person that has the drive to want to do well, wants to be pushed to reach their best potential, and deliver for the company.


Overworking your team will only lead to them being counter productive and burn out. Realistically over a period of time, you might get immediate results, but after a while the consistency of the level of work will lower.

No Direction

It’s a good skill to be able to give direction and be a good leader. If someone has joined the company wanting to progress and this is what you have offered, then deliver.

Draw up a plan, start it together and as they work towards it, keep the communication open to develop it further so the goals can be achieved.

Everyone wants to feel important and like they are a vital part of the company no matter how big or small the role is.


So, you have been at your company for the last few years, same job title, same work load, same desk and you have worked hard, stayed late when needed to, locked up, food runs, came in early to get those reports in on time.

Here is the part where it starts to unravel. We can go a long time were we don’t mind that our extra efforts have gone unnoticed, it could be the busy period for the company, end of year for some or factory shut down for others. But as soon as you have noticed that’s it gone unnoticed for so long this is where the cycle of not wanting to work as hard as before begins.

Its so important to reward the people we work with, of course you can not give everyone a wage rise- but if someone does something extra or someone who has got stuck in to help one else, staying late to hit their target etc..

Value them, make a big deal, send an office email out to show their work has been noticed say what a good job they have done. This starts a positive chain reaction, that person will get a nice warm fuzzy feeling and will want to keep working just as hard when needed- another member of staff will see how this has made that person feel and an email went out about how that person helped, the new colleague will now start just putting in the bit of extra effort with out even realising it, we all want to be praised for when we do a good job. We thrive better when we are told we have done something well and we will want to better that, there for you have much more of a product team.

Its such simple things that can make such a big impact on how we feel or the way we work.


You need a good working relationship, its takes a little time and a little effort but if done continually it only stays little, if you don’t do it or let it go for a while the harder you have to work to rebuild it and that takes more time out of your working day.

Being able to communicate with all of your team is important to give feedback and direction is a fundamental part of it. You will want people to call and discuss projects as well as progression, how the company is doing, you want to everyone to feel equal.

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