An Honest Advert

Ever wondered what an honest advert would look like for your role?

Earlier this year, we decided to recruit a new position at 360-Recruitment slightly differently. … Avoiding the main job boards, we created something more visual.

So, armed with a Canva account and a LinkedIn carousel, below is a selection of images of what we created…






But did this work?

Well, the answer might be surprising …

Aside from the 5500 views it resulted in a 400% increase in applications and a number of complimentary comments, both on the post and through direct messages.


So why did it work?

It spoke directly to who we wanted to engage with.

We wanted to speak to those who share the same views as us and repel the ones that don’t.

But mainly it works because it pokes a bit of fun of an Industry that can sometimes take itself too seriously.


The conclusion?

Not every advert has to be a list of bullet points outlining the role.

Humour is subjective but if you can find a way to speak to the person you would like to apply, you will increase the number of the right type of applicants.

Adverts are also a form of marketing … Off the back of this we also had an increase in companies and candidates that got in contact with us.

And although this might not be the best way to advertise for every sector, the same factors can be applied.

But of course, most importantly, we are happy to report that Jess Searle started last month and is doing incredibly well!


And hopefully we will get to work with you soon.