Adapting to Change

These are strange times.

The business world is adapting, shaping the way we work to meet the demands, to follow the advice given by the Government whilst keeping people safe and keeping the wheels turning.

No one knows how long this will go on for or the impact it will have for your clients or company but when we look back, we will remember the actions that we have taken and how we were treated along the way.

Whether you are working from home, taking a break or working harder to meet the new demands, we can help you navigate through this unchartered territory.

If you would like any information, advice or support, get in touch… We don’t just fill jobs, we can provide assistance in a number of different areas;


When was the last time you looked at yours?

Does it really present you in the best possible way?

Even if you are not looking now, we see 100’s of CV’s every day … We know what needs to be there and what doesn’t. … You might not need it, but it will be ready for when you do.

Salary Review

Are you over or under paid? … Or, just right?

Looking online has its own complications, your details pop up on job boards and the calls from hordes of Recruiters come in from around the country.

Within a five-minute phone call, we can advise how your salary and benefits package matches up to the current market.

Current Vacancies

We can talk through which roles are live, which roles are currently on-hold and which companies are the ones that will be expanding when things go back to normal.

Some companies are adopting telephone and video interviews and we can provide information on the best platforms.

How to strengthen your position in your current company

Things are uncertain right now for a lot of companies.

Where we talk to people who look to leave companies, we also get to speak with a lot of people who are happy in their current roles.

It might even just be the basics but talking through what you do, how you can improve your skill set and how to position yourself to become indispensable, we can share advice that might help.

How are the others doing?

We have all found ourselves in this situation and for many, working from home is new and challenging.

Some companies have been offering this for years and have systems in place that works well for them.

If you would like any support or advice from others out there who might be able to assist, we can put you in contact with people that might be able to offer some helpful information.

Knowledge is best shared.

So, whether you are secure in your current role or actively looking for a new position, we can help you to be in the best possible position for when things go back to normal.

Our roles as Recruiters will change dramatically over the coming weeks and months but we’ll be here when you need us.

If there is anything we can assist with, just get in touch.

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