What if you don’t have a job to go back to?

The most used phrase of 2020 is “These are unprecedented times” and it is true they are, the question is how we all are going to get through to the other side.

Its Saturday morning, the boys are on the Nintendo and my four-year-old is happily colouring in. (For now, this will probably change in five minutes when she has realised, I am making notes)

I woke up thinking about how this pandemic is affects every single one of us, its mind-blowing the scale of it. From single parents to those learning to home school, to key workers who have to continue to work, those who have been furloughed to those who have had to let people go and those who are being made redundant to people who are shielding , to CEO’S of companies thinking what the hell is going on right now to entrepreneurs who are working out how to keep going.

There are plenty of groups that I have missed out- but you get the point. It affects all us no matter who we are.

To have to worry about if your job is secure is awful, for anyone. The pressure and stress and the what if’s.

If you do find yourself in this position here is my advice in case it helps…

  1. Specialise

Whatever your industry is, find a recruitment company that specialise in it. They will have knowledgeable information on how that particular sector doing, what they are facing and how things are moving.

2. Local

Always use a local company (preferably one that specialises in your industry) They will give good advice on what to do next and which companies are hiring. They should have established good relationships with the companies they work with so will have a good insight. Local recruitment consultants will know their market really well and will often get the heads up if a new role is about to go live- we already have the foot in the door for you.

3. Relook

I know it sounds boring and monotonous, but relook at your C.V. Does it need up dating? Does it have all the correct contact information on there?

4. Possible Employers

Think about which companies you would want to work for, draw up a list and think about any connections that you have with the company that could open a door for you.

Working with a good recruitment consultant, they can do this for you and speak directly with Managers within the organisation to see if there might be upcoming vacancies that might be a fit.

5. Don’t Stress

Easier said than done… I know it is hard not to.

If you have been furloughed and wondering if your job is safe- you have time to do all the above and be positive – being positive will encourage more positive behaviours. Prepare for what might be your next steps.

If you have been made redundant and many people will have, you can still be proactive and positive. There will be more jobs coming up, think if this is this a good time to switch career path? / Is this the opportunity to enhance your knowledge in what you already know in your line of work – will this help you to get a new job? / Are there any courses that might benefit you doing whilst looking for a new job?

Being in touch with the right recruitment consultants is important – When you find a good one, they are worth their weight in gold.

At 360-recruitment we specialise in Finance and Accountancy, we offer good advice and help tailor your CV. We know our market; we know our area and have been working within it for years. More importantly we know our clients and know what they are looking for and if we can’t help straight away, we can refer others that can.