Lead on Brave Adventurer

PLAY our interactive adventure in which YOU are the fearless jobseeker navigating your way through the perils of recruitment.

1) You arrive at the office and you realise you dislike your boss; half your co-workers and you are pretty sure the new people in your team are being paid more than you. If you create a CV, go to 3. If you decide to do nothing, go to 2.

2) Oh no! You are trapped here forever. Sadness fills your life and friends and family get bored of you complaining about your job. If you decide to escape, go to 3. If you still decide to stay, go to 4.

3) Armed with your new CV you begin your journey and head online. If you upload it to one of the many job boards, go to 5. If you search for a specialist Finance and Accountancy Recruitment company, go to 6.

4) You have chosen your fate, THE END.

5) The influx of calls begin, calls from Recruiters based all around the UK who all say they can help in your search. If you engage with these, go to 7. If you ignore the calls and take your CV off the job board, go to 8.

6) You find 360-Rectuitment. Congratulations, you are now in charge of your journey. You have assistance in fine tuning your CV, understand the market and get an idea of the types of position that will help build your career. Move to 10.

7) Oh no, you are now taking career advice from someone that only 6 months ago worked in Starbucks. He seems to keep calling you “mate”, and you are pretty sure he has taken training tips from the Wolf of Wall Street. To escape this horror, go to 8. If you continue to engage with these Recruiters, go to 9.

8) You take stock and realise there must be a better way. Go to 6.

9) You have now lost track of which Recruiters you have spoken with; you have no idea where your CV has gone, and the calls keep coming through. You begin to dislike Recruiters and a shelf-stacking role at Tesco is now seeming like an appealing option. Go to 8.

10) The journey leads to a new opportunity, you develop new skills and are happier. All is well with the world.