What is a 360 Recruitment Consultant?

With a quick google search you might wonder why there are so many companies called 360 Recruitment.

In truth, we should have been a little more original when we set up our company, but there is a reason behind it.

You see, 360 Recruitment is a specific term.

It outlines the way that we work and what we deliver.

A 360 Recruitment Consultant is someone who handles the entire recruitment process, from start to finish, someone who is in contact with both the hiring company as well as managing all the expectations and needs of the people who apply for the vacancy.

Not every Recruitment Consultancy works this way though.

There are many that favour a different delivery model and that is to split the elements of the role. … This is classed as the 180 model where there is a Sales team and a Resourcing team.

As a way of running a Recruitment Consultancy, it makes sense, it can definitely be more profitable.

A dedicated sales team means more vacancies to work on.

The Resourcing team have a never-ending supply of open vacancies to send CV’s to.

The only issue with this model is it can get messy. … The percentage of vacancies that get filled is lower. … It turns into a numbers game with a lot of collateral damage along the way.

360 Recruitment Consultants are more precise. … Think sniper as opposed to shotgun.

They work less roles but fill more.

It really comes down to two key reasons for this … Communication and Accountability.

Communication comes with only having one point of contact for the company and the candidates, nothing gets lost in transit. … There is a clear understanding of the company and who they are looking for. From writing the advert through to headhunting, this insight is so valuable as the 360 Recruiter can ensure that the wants and needs of everyone can align.

Accountability is what the 180 Recruiters can’t supply.

After you speak or meet with one of their sales team, by the time they brief their Resourcing team, they are off again to another company. … Off to pick up more roles for the Resourcing team to fill.

Essentially it boils down to guarantees. … They can’t guarantee they will fill the vacancy as they are not handing the delivery.

With 360 Recruitment Consultants they shoulder all the accountability, no one to hide behind or pass the buck to. … They must deliver what they promise and to the timescales agreed.

It’s this reason we called our company 360 Recruitment Professionals … With a collection of Professional Recruitment Consultants handling every aspect of the Recruitment process, we can deliver a better level of service.

It’s because of this we get to work like Recruitment Partners with the companies we work with.

It’s also because of this we get to work with the same companies time and time again.