The ‘R’ Word

The two R’s that every company is focusing on right now…

You know the first one is Recruitment.

The second one?


The market is continuing to move at a million miles an hour and there are still more roles than there are people looking.

What companies don’t want to find is whilst recruiting one role, they suddenly have another to fill.

So why is this good news for you?

Well, companies don’t want to lose good people.

When we work with people to secure them a new role, salary is always a part of the conversation, but it is very rarely the sole reason people look for a new position.

There are many reasons people start looking at the market, but you’ll be surprised how few have the conversation with their current company to see what can be resolved.

Usually, when we ask how the conversations have gone with a Manager, the answer is “I don’t think anything will change”

And yet, that is the first thing that does change when the Manager is then confronted with a letter of resignation.

So, the one takeaway from this?

As Mahatma Gandhi once said … “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

And he is right.

Because right now, if you are working at a company and you know things could be better, have those conversations first.

Because you might just get it resolved.

And if not, you know where you stand and you can move on from there.

Written by a Recruiter who has seen one too many counter offers that could have been open conversation a few weeks before.