Online Salary Guide VS Reality

If you ever wanted to get an idea of what the market rate is, chances are you have probably looked online.

The largest job board Reed have produced their salary guide, so how well do their numbers match up?

Now, we only cover a small part of the UK (Northamptonshire and Leicestershire) and only one sector (Accountancy) but through doing so, it means that we have a sharper focus of what the norm is.

Let’s look at their section for the East Midlands…



I’ll let you be the judge of these salaries, but I would seriously question a lot of them.


So, why don’t the numbers stack up?

Like any database, it relies on the information it is given.

Case and point, I was asked to recruit an Audit Senior role last month with a salary of £20,000 over what they have advised is the maximum salary.

Do you know where I didn’t advertise it? … Yep, Reed. … Simply because Audit Seniors don’t add their CV’s there.


So why the issue with the above?

When we recruit for companies and they use this guide, they restrict the salary bandings and wonder why they are unable to recruit the role.

It’s a dangerous place to base your salaries and map out your salary reviews for your team if you are only using one piece of resource.


The solution?

Give us a call… We are always happy to provide an overview of the market and guide on current salaries.

We have companies that request this information from us on a regular basis and it becomes valuable when benchmarking.

Anything we can help with, just in in contact with us on 01858 322360 /