Recruitment Consultant


Like the mechanic who’s car needs a service and the chef that rarely cooks for the family, Recruitment Consultants don’t often think about where their career is going.

We are too busy focusing on the day job, living month to month, riding the recruitment rollercoaster.

But when you look around the room at your colleagues, you can spot the ones that will go on to bigger and better things and the ones that won’t.

Very few people stay in Recruitment, and who could blame them … The long hours, the KPI’s, the Directors who have the same old-school mentality, the grind.

Not for us. … We thought we would create a different environment.

A team of 360 Recruitment Professionals, each responsible for their own portfolio of clients. … Being the only point of contact and really getting to use the term ‘Consultant’ in our job titles.

There are no KPI’s here, not measuring activity anyway.

We measure what matters … CV’s to Interviews and Interviews to placements … We look to improve; we look to become better at our jobs to ultimately provide a better service to the people we work with.

We don’t like wasting anyone’s time, especially our own. And we pride ourselves on customer service above sales.

Finding the right people for us then will always be the challenge.

In recruitment, the best compliment you can ever receive is that ‘you don’t sound like a Recruitment Consultant’ … We look for those people.

The ones that build relationships, the ones that work with the same people time and time again.

We avoid the Jordan Belforts, the placement bell-ringers and the ones that play it fast and loose.

Ah, but why move now? … The market is heaving.

Chances are right now you are busy, everyone is, the recruitment market has exploded, but the complacency that keeps you in your company now can easily be turned to worry of moving when the market changes.

There is never a perfect time to move companies, but, with the market the way it is at this present time, you will have a much softer start.

But you are a small team, how will I progress?

The short answer is, not everyone wants the same things in life, what works for some, doesn’t work for others. … Success for some is having money in the bank and finishing dead on the dot of 5.30pm, others it is building something and running with it. … Nothing is off the table here, and I’d welcome a conversation with all of you.

So, if you would like a chat over a coffee or a beer, drop us a line … We’ll be able to tell in 30 minutes if we are the right fit for each other.

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