Recruitment Consultant


The problem with working at most established Recruitment Companies is that your reputation has been marked by the Consultants before you.

Good experiences / bad experiences, people remember the company name, not always the Consultant.

So when you start at a firm and you have to spend most of your time overcoming objections from the past, it can feel like you are already on the backfoot.

We don’t have that problem…

360-Recruitment is ten years old and our database can be split into two categories, those that love working with us and those that have never heard of us.

The potential here then is massive.

There are currently two of us here and my colleague Hannah is a great example of how your role will develop over the coming years.

In the first 12 to 24 months, it will focus more on business development, you’ll find the companies you want to work with and the ones you don’t … You’ll start getting repeat business and you’ll actually be using the word ‘Consultant’ in your job title.

By year three and four, you’ll be where Hannah is now, you’ll have your own client portfolio, repeat business will make up around 80% of all the roles you fill. … You’ll know the companies and teams inside out and be the first port of call when they have a need.

But do we pay more than where you are?

The short answer is, probably. … We don’t have a huge infrastructure and non-billing Managers to pay for, your earnings are purely linked to your billings.

I’ll give the best guide I can… Here, if you place two junior roles a month, you will probably finish the year on £50,000.

If you swap the two junior roles a month to Senior positions, you will probably finish the year on £110,000.

Commission is really easy to calculate and is paid monthly with the exception of December where you will get a larger end of year bonus, to give you an idea, the last one we paid out was over £20,000.

This role really is a blank canvas … You’ll get to work with the clients you want to, your way and agreeing to your terms.

So if you would like a bit more information to see how we compare to your current company, just drop us a line.

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