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Top 20 Toughest Interview Questions

Top 20 Toughest Interview Questions

In an interview you will have a variety of questions. You must be well prepared for difficult questions as there’s often a right and wrong way to answer these ones so make sure you think through your answers as this could be the difference whether you get the job or totally blow it!

One of the main reasons they ask tough questions is that companies want to see how you react to see if you fluster, forget your words or if you keep your cool and get your answer across calmly and to the point.

There are different types of tough questions here are some categories with a few examples, have a read through and think how you would answer these. What you do need to remember though, tough questions are there to test you.


Personality Questions

They want to see if your personality will fit in with the company and the people you will be working with.

1) How do you handle stress?
2) How do you respond to criticism?
3) What would you change about yourself?
4) What are you most proud of in your working life?
5) How would you overcome something?


Work Based Questions

These are to see how well you get on with your current team, to see what you want out of this job and to find out about your work ethic.

1) What do you dislike about your current job?
2) Who do you get on best with and why?
3) What have you personally done to go above and beyond in your current role?
4) Who has been your best / worst boss and why?
5) Who has given you great advice in your career?


The Weakness Questions

With this type of question, it is to gauge how honest you are and what you will reveal about yourself in a professional manor.

This can go two ways, you can panic and say nothing this will more than likely make you look unprepared.
The ideal answer would be something that would be simple to overcome, something you can turn in to a positive. They key point is whatever the example is, turn it in to a positive.

1) What is your greatest weakness?
2) If people said anything negative about you- what would it be?
3) What have you learned from your mistakes?
4) Do you think you can handle criticism?
5) What would you do if you failed?


You Questions

These questions are frequently asked and are open ended, geared around gauging your interest in the position and company so you can picture yourself working for the company and articulate your expectations.

1) Why are leaving your current company?
2) Why do you want to work for our company?
3) What do you expect from us?
4) What will you bring to the company?
5) Tell me something you would change about our company?


Just remember, with any interview, preparation is key and knowledge is power, so the more you prepare the better and more confident you will be!