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New year Career Resolutions. Have you already broken yours?

That’s okay, at this time of year, we look back on what we achieved last year and what could be done better. We take stock. Those who take the time to put pen to paper to map out their resolutions are already a step head. They want their next year to be better they want a more positive outcome and want their hard work to pay off.

New year’s resolutions can vary from joining a running club, seeing friends and family more, finding the love of their life or moving house. What always comes out on peoples top five is a career related resolution. And why not – surely, we all want to be happier at work, we want to have a job we enjoy and get great satisfaction from or finding that company that appreciates your work.


Our 5 tips to make a positive start for the year ahead


  • Update your CV

Making sure you have the correct contact information – phone numbers, email addresses you would be surprised how may people miss out a letter or number. Of course, make sure your current job is on there too.


  • Better online presence

If you’re not on LinkedIn – do it! A lot of professional company’s headhunt on linkedIn. If you are already on there, have a look through and update your information, maybe you wrote your blurb a year or two ago it might be time to refresh it. Keep adding people to your network.


  • Sign up to blogs

This should remain fairly professional – it could be specific to your industry or a motivational speaker. This just shows another dimension to you and shows a bit of your personality


  • New skill

Could this lead to your next career step? Will it give you greater knowledge in your industry? Go for it, stop putting it on the back burner it just might lead to another door opening creating a new opportunity.


  • Research

When the time is right and your thinking of moving jobs or just want advice about the job market, find a good Recruitment Consultant – one who will listen to what you actually want, someone who will get in touch with the right companies not just what jobs they have on. Having a great Recruitment Consultant can make a big difference in finding the right job and the right salary.