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First Week Back

So, you have almost finished your first week back at work, realisation kicks in – you have over indulged possibly drank a lot and spent too much. January is this miserable month where pay day is far away and you would rather have an extra hour in bed… That’s one side.

Or, are you one of these people who have had a busy Christmas holiday – caught up with family and friends, eaten and drank plenty. Hearing what they have got planned for the year ahead, you start to think, ah, what about my year ahead…

How can I make January the best month to give me the best start to the year? How nice would it be if we fast forwarded to this time next year and you would be telling everyone that you worked really hard and got that promotion and wage rise or that you finally booked that course to get the qualification that will help you get the job you wanted. How nice to tell people you did it.

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