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Can you get a new job in January?

Why not?

Are you already clock watching? If you have had your first week back at work and you’re already thinking I can do better – then why not? What is your alternative? To come back to work again and do the same as you have done the day before OR do you go … ‘right, let’s put a plan in action!’

January is a busy month for Recruitment Consultants. To get a new job or the wheels in motion might seem daunting but it is totally possible!


  • Stay Focussed

Of course, up date your CV. Make your self sound great. If you apply to jobs or sent your CV to a Recruiter, follow it up with a phone call the next day. Not many people to do this and this will help you stand out from the rest.


  • Stay Positive

If we contact you or you call in – as silly or daft as it sounds, sound positive on the phone. You will be giving off the right attitude. After all no one wants to employ a Debbie downer.


  • Sell Yourself

Keep applying for those roles, roles that match your skill set – you can’t apply to be a ski instructor when you have years of retail experience. when applying for particular roles read the job description. Look at the points, then slightly tweak your blurb about you and include one or two of those points. With this you are more likely to get a phone call. You have got your first foot in the door by doing something so simple. There is nothing wrong with making yourself sound good – you just can’t add skills or qualifications you don’t have.


  • Job Interview

If you have landed an interview. Great, then all this hard work and being proactive has paid off… Now is the time to research the company. Find out who you are meeting with their names and roles with in the company. What does the company do? What does the company stand for? If there is training towards a qualification then read up about it and remember a few points that you have remembered and you can share that information in your interview. You will look so much more employable if you do a little a bit of homework on the company. They will be impressed and there will be more chance of you getting that job.


Good Luck!