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8 Good Tips to climb the career ladder

Have you been at your current job for a while? Are you wanting to progress? Then it’s time to take a pro-active step up the ladder. Only you can make changes to get what you want from your career. There is no short cut, the more you put in the more you will get out. Here are a few suggestions to start you on your way.

  • Know your company

Sounds daft – but it’s essential. Know what your company does and how well they are doing in the current market. Get to know your Manager and be visible in the company. Know who the big boss is and the managers who report in to them. It’s a good idea to have a rough idea of the structure of the company.


  • Manners

They cost nothing but mean a lot. Its shows you’re a decent person. Hold that door open, say thank you to the person who made you that cup of tea. Smile – its true it is infectious nobody wants to work in a grumpy office. Being nice and using manors provide a happy work environment- in a happy environment your more likely to be more productive.


  • Be confident

No one likes a know it all but having the confidence to speak up in meetings or one to ones and being able to do this politely and professionally is a very good skill. Most bosses appreciate someone who speaks out at the right time and shows they want to learn more about the business. This makes you more approachable and they will want to share their expertise with you.




  • Achievements

Do note down what things you have brought to the company since you have started, big or small. When you’re in an appraisal you have something positive to bring to the table. You do not have to list every single one, but pick one or two. This will show you have pride in what you do and also it shows that you have confidence to talk about yourself and how you have been successful within the company.


  • Be positive and pro active

Do not wait to be told to start something use your initiative and get going. You will not get promoted just getting your job done.


  • Volunteer

I know no one likes to be the first person to put their hand up when it comes to volunteering but that’s why you should. Being able to step up or step in, even if its not your department or area of expertise it will show great work ethic and that you value the company as a whole and not just your department.


  • It’s not just you

Wanting to do well or wanting to get a promotion is a good thing. But its how you go about it. You should not have to tread on people’s toes in your team to get there. Teamwork and praising others achievements is far more attractive and admirable. This is a really nice quality to have.


  • Be on time

It’s a simple one. For work always arrive on time – allowing yourself to get set up for the day. For other things such as meetings or appointments arrive early. Lateness does not lead to anything other than being noticed for the wrong reasons.



You can’t just do one of these points once a week and then you wonder why you did not get the promotion you were after. Consistency is key. Doing these points on a regular basis will get you noticed, the more you get noticed the more you will be approached in the company. So, when that promotion comes up you have already done the leg work and you will be first in line!